Saturday, March 28, 2015

Breton Stripes

Here's one fact you should know about me: I absolutely loooove breton really.

My obsession started when i bought my first striped breton shirt three years ago; since then, my collection of breton became a never-ending pile of tank tops, long sleeves, tee-shirts and even scarves! Despite my craze for this design, i was never aware of the history it has hidden behind all those 21 stripes. (Did you know the original breton shirt had 21 stripes? No? Yeah, me either...)

Here are some facts i discovered:

  • It first originated during the 27th of March, 1858 as a uniform for the French navy seals.
  • Was first called mariniere or matelot
  • The original breton shirt had 21 stripes which stood for 21 of Napoleon's victories.
  • The breton shirt gained popularity real quick in France, and soon to the whole world. Famous idols such as Coco Chanel, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Pablo PicassoBrigitte BardotAndy Warhol, James Dean and a lot more made these navy and white shirts popular to their peers. 
Here are some pictures which showcase the *heart eyes emoji* of the Breton Stripes:
(pics from pinterest)

 *throws in some cute french guy*

Hope you enjoyed learning about the history of the Breton shirt as well as looking at the shimmering splendid pictures of the Breton outfit ideas (and the French boy). mehehe. Till' next time!