Saturday, February 28, 2015


splish splash splush

Hope you enjoyed the pictures that showcased the results of my attempt to being a try-hard photographer. Ha-ha-ha...*laughs at myself*

Surprisingly, I had an absolutely wonderful 100% homework free weekend! I have a feeling my teachers are feeling the summer vibes too....hopefully they'll cancel our periodicals and instead declare that we all take an early summer break. Hurrah Hurrah everybody wins!

...Maybe not. I'm very very positive that the early summer everyone wants will never ever happen, so I decided to spend my weekend trying out new things. I tried being an amateur photographer, a watercolour painter, and a software downloader; all which i can say didn't lead to the eye popping, cream curdling, wowwowee results I was hoping for. But don't fret little ones! My experience should not stop you from trying out new things & discover your hidden talentzzz! You'll never know what you're good at if you never try! Hopefully I follow my own advice and continue to seek my own so-called "undiscovered talents".