Thursday, June 18, 2015

When Boredom Strikes: Doodle

Why do I always get so bored? Maybe its the sickening summer heat that makes everyone so lazy to do anything… yeah, I think that’s it. The aftermath of my boredom usually leads to a social media stalking session… which is pretty pointless when you think about it. However, since my daily routine is consisted of being bored all the time, i’ve decided to make a post for myself, and or whoever is reading this as well, as an idea on what to do when boredom strikes. Hopefully, I won’t mention any trace of boredom ever again after making this “self-help from boredom” post.

One thing that’ll cure me from this infectious, lagging, annoying kind of disease (boredom) is a good doodle session. Doodling doesn’t necessarily have to be pretty; the whole point of it all is to let your imagination run free. (what’s wrong with me today, I sound like a yoga instructor) Honestly though, doodling is like entering this rule-free void where anything is possible… or maybe if you can take the easy path and daydream instead…whatever. Before I get lost in my thoughts again, here’s a bunch of doodling I did when I was infected by the B-disease...

Not bad, ay? Sometimes, boredom is the key to starting something. Hope you'll try at this boredom remover of a thing!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Too Cool 4 School DIY notebooks

Since school’s unwanted appearance in my life has arrived once again, it’s time for my annual pre-school DIY! For the past few years, i’ve been transforming plain notebooks into my own esquisitingly captivating school notebook. It has brought me more delight in writing boring and long notes here rather than a plain, dull, store-bought, notebook.

So first off…materials! (…well, duh! *rolls eyes at self*) I use scrapbooking papers, washi tape, double sided tape and scissors. “Really bo-ring materials” I know. This is your notebook so you’re free to add whatever you want; stickers, gems, glitter glue, your pet’s fur, food, …blah blah, basically anything! Annoyingly, I am required to keep my notebook reallyyyy simple, or else I might get a  *rolls eyes* infraction slip. Tsk, Catholic schools…  Anyway, hop on, and get ready for the DIY experience of yo’ life!! (what) vrooom…

Wrap your decorative paper around your notebook, stick some double-sided tape on each corner, cover the spine with some wash tape, ta-dah!

I watercolored a mini paper, sticked it, and vavoom, my own diy notebook! Looking forward to add more notebooks to my current collection! 

Here's a snap of all my previous ones...neat right!? I think I have a habit to pick yellow-green hues as the color for my notebook. Alrighty, hope you enjoyed my DIY post. getting ready for the new sCOOl year! 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Watercolor Wonders

During the past few months, I've been rummaging around instagram for some watercolor inspiration. Somehow no matter how hard I try, I couldn't figure out how to paint with the "watercolor" effect... Sadly until now, I can't say my watercolor skills have improved in any way... HAHAHA. On the contrary, I found some rather pretty instagram profiles which showcase their "to die for" illlustrations.

Here are some of my favourites:

1) Monica Ramos

My watercolor dreams started when I came across her website. Her work makes painting look so easy and carefree. There's always some sort of playful feeling that comes along when looking through her work that I think is caused by the effervescent nature of her drawings. Her illustrations are flamboyant, refreshing, and dreamy watercolor pieces that make me wish I could have her ultra cool painting skills. After looking through all pages of her tumblr (literally) my self esteem lowered from zero to negative one hundred.

Check out her work to get your self esteem crushed as well:

2) Annie Seo

Stalking her Instagram made the child inside of me jump out of my TV trance and start doodling. My "bored to death in school" doodles were inspired by her airy, (Asian?) cartoon-ish illustrations. Now only if my fine-lined pen could do the same thing...

oops, she can paint too
sigh.... maybe i'm better off at admiring

3) Anna Rifle Bond

Oh My Gee. This girl's works are like a gift from the heavens! Her handpainted illustrations are perfection! Her painting style and medium makes her work seem so surreal and vibrant and ..sigh.. perfect! She uses a opaque kind of watercolor (gauge) so the colours in every work looks solid and defined. In other words, perfect.

brb dead.