Thursday, July 9, 2015

Tea party on a Thursday

Unfortunately, I think my eleven year old sister has more social life than I will ever have in my whole existence. This week, her friends decided to wear fancy dresses and have the perfect tea party. And by perfect I mean: complete table setting, tea pots, fancy food, british accent, and of course, tea. Anyhow, in line with her playdate, my sister dragged me along to help assist her in making...... butterscotch brownies...? Truth be told, I wasn't so enthusiastic about the butterscotch idea because chocolate brownies are literally the best; however, what the tea party goer wants, she gets.

Oreos, Choco chips, & Macadamia nuts as toppings

Tea Party tableware from Melawares

adding the chocolate melt

final product!

I have to say, the brownies turned out to be great. The chocolate glaze gave out an extra burst of flavour, and my sister and her friends loved it! Hooray! Success! Hope you enjoyed looking through these high def pictures! Practicing my hidden talents! ;)

When Boredom Strikes: Bake

Apparently doodling wasn’t good enough to fill my endless pit of boredom. (you can read about it here) This time, I decided to bathe in the cool breeze, the gloomy weather, and the smell of rain... Boredom really drives you to do crazy things. I looked up some recipies and saw this gorgeous-looking picture of Nutella-cheesecake brownies that made my me want to eat forever. (I forgot to mention, I have an endless pit of appetite for good food too) I was easily persuaded to bake a batch of these Nutella-cheesecake brownies especially because of the thought of devouring the soft, heavenly, chocolate-y, treat. 

Here’s a bunch of pictures that’ll probably make you get up from bed and bake a batch too!

In case you were wondering, they tasted like heaven. My usual hunger and boredom was soon replaced by my excitement to try out my freshly baked creation. Man oh man was it a brilliant idea to make these luscious brownies. Perfect snack for this rainy weather!