Sunday, June 14, 2015

Too Cool 4 School DIY notebooks

Since school’s unwanted appearance in my life has arrived once again, it’s time for my annual pre-school DIY! For the past few years, i’ve been transforming plain notebooks into my own esquisitingly captivating school notebook. It has brought me more delight in writing boring and long notes here rather than a plain, dull, store-bought, notebook.

So first off…materials! (…well, duh! *rolls eyes at self*) I use scrapbooking papers, washi tape, double sided tape and scissors. “Really bo-ring materials” I know. This is your notebook so you’re free to add whatever you want; stickers, gems, glitter glue, your pet’s fur, food, …blah blah, basically anything! Annoyingly, I am required to keep my notebook reallyyyy simple, or else I might get a  *rolls eyes* infraction slip. Tsk, Catholic schools…  Anyway, hop on, and get ready for the DIY experience of yo’ life!! (what) vrooom…

Wrap your decorative paper around your notebook, stick some double-sided tape on each corner, cover the spine with some wash tape, ta-dah!

I watercolored a mini paper, sticked it, and vavoom, my own diy notebook! Looking forward to add more notebooks to my current collection! 

Here's a snap of all my previous ones...neat right!? I think I have a habit to pick yellow-green hues as the color for my notebook. Alrighty, hope you enjoyed my DIY post. getting ready for the new sCOOl year! 

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