Thursday, June 18, 2015

When Boredom Strikes: Doodle

Why do I always get so bored? Maybe its the sickening summer heat that makes everyone so lazy to do anything… yeah, I think that’s it. The aftermath of my boredom usually leads to a social media stalking session… which is pretty pointless when you think about it. However, since my daily routine is consisted of being bored all the time, i’ve decided to make a post for myself, and or whoever is reading this as well, as an idea on what to do when boredom strikes. Hopefully, I won’t mention any trace of boredom ever again after making this “self-help from boredom” post.

One thing that’ll cure me from this infectious, lagging, annoying kind of disease (boredom) is a good doodle session. Doodling doesn’t necessarily have to be pretty; the whole point of it all is to let your imagination run free. (what’s wrong with me today, I sound like a yoga instructor) Honestly though, doodling is like entering this rule-free void where anything is possible… or maybe if you can take the easy path and daydream instead…whatever. Before I get lost in my thoughts again, here’s a bunch of doodling I did when I was infected by the B-disease...

Not bad, ay? Sometimes, boredom is the key to starting something. Hope you'll try at this boredom remover of a thing!

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