Thursday, May 7, 2015

{DIY} Canvas Tote Bag

Usually, the unbearable summer heat makes me the most unproductive person ever. When a savvy DIY idea popped in my head, I knew it was a sign to get up from bed and start something. The heap of plain canvas tote bags lying around the house looked like they needed a hip new makeover. One Pinterest post led to another, and soon I was starting off with my very first DIY painted tote bag.

Here's a step by step version of my DIY tote bag process:

readying my materials
For this specific design, materials needed are a paint palette, bright paint tubes, a paintbrush, masking tape, and lastly, the canvas bag.

Stick masking tape on the spaces that will not be painted on as a border for your bag

Choose your preferred colors and start painting on the canvas bag

Tear off the tape when you've painted all blank spaces

Ta-dah! Not so bad for my first time!

  • Place a board inside the bag to prevent paint from staining the back part of the bag
  • Make sure the amount of paint you mix for a certain colour is enough to sustain the whole painting process

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